An invoice is a legal archive that you must submit as a transaction for payment. It includes information about the business, customer, product or service bought, sales, prices, taxes, and other requirements. We have curated a list of invoice template UK including: 

  • Sole Trader Invoice Template 
  • Limited Company Invoice Template 
  • Contractor Invoice Template 
  • Self-Employed Invoice Template 
  • Freelance Invoice Template 
  • Simple Invoice Template 
  • Blank Invoice Template

It is essential to capture every detail of the contract you will sign. As well as paying your invoices on time, you should also get them written up correctly so that you can consistently produce them if needed.

Standard Invoice Format

  • Vendor’s company name, address, and contact details.
  • Invoice number and date.
  • Customer name and address.

An invoice represents a commercial transaction. It consists of a header that describes the document. The middle section describes the details of the customer and the services/products being purchased, the price for each service/product, and details about the delivery of the services/products.

Invoices should be referenced with unique IDs or numbers. A unique invoice ID or number helps identify the invoice by its unique identifier within the books of accounts. However, the body section of an invoice details the services or products due for payment:

  • The service/product sold
  • Net amount excluding the VAT
  • Gross amount inclusive of VAT
  • Details of expenses

At the Bottom of the Invoice:

  • Details of payment terms
  • Vendor’s VAT number
  • Vendor’s registration number

Terms of Instalment

A seller should clearly define payment terms to avoid confusion with the important client. The terms of the instalment can be:

  • Method of instalment (with cash, by draft, with a money order alongside account subtleties, or by bank move alongside financial balance and sort code)
  • Credit period, e.g. payment to be made within 15 or 30 days from the date of invoice

The VAT registration number, company registration number and bank account number should be listed in the business’s name and be included in the invoice. You can automate the process by using electronic software to help you out with the following:

  • Generate invoices from clients
  • Upload invoices to the system
  • Maintain a customer database
  • Create recurring invoices for customers
  • Upload receipts and bank statements
  • Calculate and generate payments
  • Maintain accounts
  • Generate reports
  • Create payment reminders
  • And much more

Things to Consider While Generating invoices

Invoice Numbering

There are a few different ways to bill your customer; you can bill by cash, by draft, by cheque along with account details, or by bank transfer.

Credit Duration

Credit duration, e.g. price to be made within 15 or 30 days from the date of consignment.


The correct cost-introduced tax (VAT) must be charged. Some offerings would possibly fall beneath the exemption class.


Even if an invoice is cancelled, a copy of it has to be kept.

Payment Terms

The length of time you want to give your clients to pay for the goods or services you provide.

Order Number / Reference

If a patron generates a digital buy order, the seller has to ask for a wide variety of orders and point it out on the invoice. This is up to date in the customer’s system with the consignment important points regularly when the order is delivered. This is very common with large customers.

Bank Details

Bank important points alongside the applicable codes must be noted on the consignment to make the processing of financial institution transfers expedient.


Online accounting software like Nomisma Solution is used by businesses. It is possible to enable a system for generating invoices automatically. Businesses will have to record all the invoices if they don’t want to use an online accounting system. Essential items to be noted here are:

Date of Invoice

Date of Payment

Invoice complete together with VAT

Invoice number

Name of the customer

Product description or services

Types of UK Invoice Template

  • Sole Trader Invoice Template
  • Limited Company Invoice Template
  • Contractor Invoice Template
  • Freelance Invoice Template