8 Keys to a Successful Outsourcing Relationship ?

Outsourcing has not only increased in popularity, it has become widely embraced as a best practice for small and mid-sized companies. Savvy business owners understand that outsourcing provides subject matter expertise at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. Successful outsourcing relationships, like any relationship, take some effort. Here are 8 keys to establishing a successful relationship with your outsourcing partner:

  1. Chemistry matters – Hire someone you like and respect. This is an important relationship and you want to establish a partnership that clicks.
  2. Set clear expectations– Start off the relationship with clear expectations. Make sure the person or firm you’ve hired clearly understands what you expect of them and ask what they need from you to be successful.
  3. Don’t hire a “yes” person – Don’t hire someone just to validate what you already believe to be true. Bring in a resource that contributes a different perspective and experience, someone who will challenge you to consider other options and approaches.
  4. Check references – Do your homework and get references before you engage an outsource partner. Make sure you’re really getting the skill set you need. Speak to others about their experience with the company or individual you’re interested in hiring. Find out why the relationship worked and what they would do differently. Approach the outsourcing selection process the same way you would when hiring an employee.
  5. Get buy-in from your team – Include the appropriate individuals in the decision making process. If the success of the engagement includes an important member of your team, make sure you’re on the same page about the outsourcing solution you choose and the desired outcome.
  6. Be coachable – Don’t waste your time and money hiring an expert and then refuse to implement any of their suggestions.
  7. Be transparent – If there are challenges within the organization that aren’t common knowledge, make sure you communicate these in advance. You don’t want to surprise your new partner and get off to a bad start.nfl jerseys for sale glueless lace front wigs sex toys for men nfl seahawks custom baseball jerseys Pittsburgh Steelers best wigs for white women sex toys for sale adidas promo code sex toys dallas cowboys jersey nike air jordan women human hair wigs custom apparel nfl shop discount code
  8. Be available – Dedicate the amount of time needed for the relationship to be successful and communicate regularly. Make yourself accessible.

At Direct Assist Accountants, we provide Outsourced Accounting and HR solutions for entrepreneurs. We believe in true business partnerships and approach every client interaction with this goal in mind: to make your life easier, provide you access to information to make smarter decisions, and to help you build a more successful company.

Our team is your team, and our model is simple: You get experienced C-Level leadership at a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource. We promise no long term contracts, no hassles, and the flexibility to scale up or down as your business needs change.

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As a small business owner, you put in tremendous effort to ensure client satisfaction and employee contentment. However, late payments present a significant challenge. When customers fail to pay on time, it adversely affects your cash flow and makes it difficult to meet your own financial obligations. Xero, through years of dedicated work, has developed strategies and tools to help small business owners effectively address and minimize the impact of late payments.



Xero’s invoicing feature is an effective solution for avoiding late payments. It enables you to schedule automated payment reminders to be sent to your customers prior to the due date. These reminders can be customized and sent at regular intervals, gently prompting your customers to pay on time. By reducing the number of late payments, this feature saves you valuable time and improves cash flow.



In addition to reminders, Xero allows you to include late payment fees and interest charges on your invoices. By establishing these charges and highlighting them in advance, you can incentivize timely payments and discourage late payments. This approach helps you cover any additional administrative work involved in chasing overdue payments.



Xero’s payment tracking feature assists you in monitoring payments received and outstanding. It updates your accounts in real-time as payments are made, enabling you to effectively manage your cash flow. You can also identify customers with a history of late payments, allowing you to prioritize your efforts in pursuing overdue payments.



Xero provides an invoice financing feature that allows you to receive upfront payment for your invoices. With this feature, you can sell your outstanding invoices to a lender who will pay you a percentage of the invoice value in advance. This helps you avoid cash flow issues caused by late payments and ensures you have the necessary funds to run your business smoothly.



Xero’s automated bank feeds consolidate all your bank transactions in one place, facilitating quick and easy account reconciliation. This feature enables you to promptly identify any late payments and take necessary actions to address them. By having a clear overview of your finances, you can make informed business decisions and take preventive measures to avoid future late payments.


Xero’s features are specifically designed to help you avoid late payments and enhance your cash flow. By utilizing these tools and functionalities, you can automate various administrative tasks associated with invoice and payment management, freeing up your time to focus on business growth.


If you require practical and comprehensive accounting services for your expanding business, Direct Assist Accountants is the ideal choice. We cater to all your accounting needs and can assist you in implementing Xero, allowing you to effectively address late payments and stay connected with your financial matters. As a Xero Gold Partner, we offer bespoke one-to-one Xero training, aid in setup and software conversion, and provide our clients with a 5% discount.


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